Karen Millie-James

 Live At One! Show Wednesday’s 13:00 to 14:00.  Relax during your lunch hour as Karen brings you music from amazing artists and chats about issues that matter to you with a wonderful line-up of guests from all walks of life.  Each week Karen will feature a special ‘Mind Your Own Business’ segment where you will have the opportunity to call in and discuss a specific business problem.  The ‘Open House’ time will feature Karen interviewing a different guest each week whose name will be advertised in advance on our website so you can have the opportunity to call in.

To contact Karen email or phone in on the Live At One! show on …… 07780 001548

Karen lives in Buckinghamshire and is a published author and widely recognised internationally as an expert in the corporate field through her business consultancy based in Borehamwood and she now sits on many boards of directors in an advisory capacity.  Karen has been speaking professionally at many corporate events and has been promoting her books via a countrywide BBC radio tour.