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I suppose the moment I fell under the music`s spell with the Reggae vibe touching my soul was during a Bob Marley concert in 1976.

I have never been the same since for the music to me was far more than music there was a message in the music, it was an edifying force touching my soul. So, from that illuminating starting point I embarked on my journey to discover this Reggae music.

I became increasingly aware that there was so much more to the music, the history unique to Jamaica, their African heritage played a major role especially in Rasta music, also socioeconomics and the Colonial legacy had help to shape it, so when singers from the poorest places were placed in a studio they often sang hungry, but sang like angels and for their creative input were often paid a pittance. So back in the day when Reggae was less “outernational “it wasn’t an obvious route out of the ghetto due to the controlling structure of the studios.

These studios such as Studio one, Treasure Isle and Channel One due to their prolific nature of their musical output and have huge back catalogue a treasure trove of musical delights that have never been properly promoted or played on the radio especially outside of Jamaica. So, with my research I can discover these gems, and rather excitedly I cannot wait to share them with everyone by playing them on my show!

This music is a very special and unique art form because singers and musicians drew on something spiritual from deep within, reflecting the human experience of living in Jamaica at that time, whether it be the sweetest love song or with a song with a militant righteousness sentiment. They sang and played music inspired and motivated by love of the music and they felt every word they sang or played. I believe there is no other music like it, it`s a music that was primarily made by poor people, without the glamour, egos and excesses that are found I more conventional popular musical genres.


My Favourite Quote

“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca



Every week I source my selection from my ever expanding 45-year-old collection and I try to achieve a continuous thread of uplifting music whether it is from the early 1960s or a new release from a contemporary artist. I think it is imperative my weekly selection of music includes some new releases from new artists. This is important because new music is like the oxygen to the genre and without it wouldn`t move forward it would just die and my show would become just a retro show, but it`s not, the music is alive. My show brings together Pre-Reggae foundation music through to new music from a global spread of singers and musicians. I endeavour to intuitively tip my hat all of these things from the above and to showcase the very best in Ska, Rocksteady Reggae and Dub music in a chronological mash up style!

Even if you just love Reggae and that’s it and you just want to dance to the beat, of which they say the bass line is akin to your mothers heart beat whilst you were in the womb, this the show for you!

This is real authentic Reggae presented and showcased the way it should be, it is a different experience, let me help you discover this wonderful music! The music is not drawn from various compilation albums but from a serious record collection. This the format that I have successfully applied for over 5 years on the radio.

I am conscious of that I`m just a humble selector and the greatness is to be found in the music which must be kept alive for all our souls to be touched by, because to me it is so much more than music.


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